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Launched at the start of May, The Writers' Group is a very new entry into the creative art space. Designed to compliment and collate existing resources for writers, TWG represents an attempt to start a new creative platform that revives the supportive, self-promoting environment of artistic groups and movements - a throwback to the concept of Guilds and Societies that have become restrictive, exclusive spaces in the 21st century.

TWG is a space designed to promote new voices in poetry and prose in the UK - to give writers an area to showcase their work without worrying about fees or predatory copyright agreements that can be a common element of submitting work. We want to create an area where people are heard, not just skimmed past or overshadowed by the latest trend, and where membership is not a requirement. The Writers' Group is a self-supportive organisation that strives to encourage writers, to give everyone access to resources, advice, & career opportunities regardless of background. Run by a writer who wishes he had more time to write, we do not exist to profit from others work; rather, TWG is here to build a thriving community. ~ The Writers' Group

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