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Sketching Scotland

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I don't typically consider myself a writer, I tend to default to music and drawing. I also take pictures like a nutter. That last one in particular is used the most when travelling.

But there are times when a photo won't cut it, so I default to words to try and capture the sights and feelings I feel urgently need to be recorded. So... sketching with words. Also I've been to Scotland recently. It's supposed to capture the emotional impressions, less technical details, so expect some ridiculous language.

'An amber moon cradled by dark velvet clouds, so low and large in the sky it might fall to the earth.' - walking around St. Andrews. 'A tattered cloud of fuschian silk draped across a sky whose azure mattes peek through the tears and furls, sitting above sfumato streets of Scottish stone slanting subtly towards the sky.' - Aberdeen at night.

'The wall of Heaven stands behind a town at the edge of the World, its emerald hills bleeding into tumultuous steel skies.' - Some bit of Scottish countryside in Fife. Am travelling again soon. Expect more in a few days.

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