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Per la Bella Donna D'Autunno - Janus Torres

Per la Bella Donna D'Autunno

Gazed upon her from one second to another.

I found myself losing track of my own heartbeat.

Dazed by her hair colored as faded sunflowers.

I found myself losing my grasp from thoughts so deep. 

Wanting your hand and mine frozen in time,

My heart kept pounding back and forth through my chest.

Wanting your eyes on me so you can clearly see,

My body frozen by a smile so picturesque.

Seizing my stature and most of my composure,

You have me questioning your very existence.

My knees weakened and my heart completely taken,

You have me indulging in such a decadence

Never shall I find fault on that which I've conceived,

To yearn for something that which cannot be achieved. 

(C) Janus Torres, 2019

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